Talking about AgnesMaria

Münchner Merkur

June 2013, Press release about open Workshop-Sales at the 12th June starting 18h.
Münchner Merkur, heading “Character of the day”.

British Vogue

British Vogue, October 2013, presents AgnesMaria’sRing “Sheep” in 18kt Gold and Tourmaline…

Servus Magazine

February 2013. It is great fun to leaf through “Servus”, a magazine for smart and fine living with nature in Austria and Bavaria. Not only because two of my Ant pieces are introduced in it!

Perfectly Formed Silhouettes

A young couple with yellow gold and fresh water pearl earrings, “Perfectly Formed Silhouettes”,
designed from silhouette paper cuttings- Vienna 2005

Bourglinster Journal

An article from the Fall 2005 Bourglinster Journal discussing the “Emmerich Weissenberger & Agnes Maria Hagg” exhibit – Jewellery, pictures, and a joint performance.

Countess Daisy Waldstein-Wartenberg

Countess Daisy Waldstein-Wartenberg, 2010 Czech women of the year, with her Broche titled “Boy with a shoelace” made out of yellow gold and iron.